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Stuff in the news 6/11/2013 – Wildfires

Fire Danger Level Meme


  • “…officials and residents continue to try to rely primarily on firefighting improvements and greater firefighting expenditures, instead of limiting development at the wild-urban interface, enforcing rules for property owners, preventing rebuilding in fire zones, and changing “fuel management” practices to shrink the supply of tinder, these fire-policy critics charge. Wildfire policy: Time for US to rely less on shovels, hoses, retardant? (+video) – CSMonitor.com
  • Understory fires have destroyed 3% of the Amazon forests over the past 12 years, according to NASA. That is significantly more than other causes, such as farming, mining, and illegal logging, among other causes previously thought to be the cause of the deforestation. That is not to say any of these identified threats are good, of course, but the dryness in general is a grave threat. NASA Confirmed Urgent Need to Save the Amazon Rainforest
  • $67 million has been given to the following states for drought, fire, and storm relief, through the USDA Emergency Watershed Program: Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico and Ohio. Colorado got $19 million of the relief money, with the remainder being shared by the other states.
  • I can’t even fathom this number but NorCal is up to about 8,000 lightning strikes over the past two days and p. 60 related small fires.
  • On a soft news note, there is a piece on wildland fire leadership and introversion that is worth a read. This source, as a rule, tends to promote how-to-be-a-leader books, which are bit dogmatic for my tastes but the TED talk by Susan Cain is valuable. The Solitude Side of Leadership