‘Everything west of I-5 will be toast’? Local experts react to article depicting huge quake in Northwest

Q13 FOX News

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SEATTLE — Those living in the Northwest know the next big earthquake could happen at any time. However, an article in the New Yorker takes that threat a step further, detailing what will happen when it does hit.

Experts say older buildings and structures in Seattle, like the Alaska Way Viaduct,  would be most vulnerable during an earthquake, but they don’t believe the devastation is going to be like anything depicted in the movies.

The New Yorker article discusses the possibility of a major earthquake and its impact, quoting FEMA’s regional director, Kenneth Murphy, as saying, “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.”

John Vidale is the state’s seismologist, and he has his own idea of what that means.

“The article had a lot of good information in it and there is a lot of real risk and a lot of…

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Twitter Unveils New Dashboard To Help Users Monitor Their Data


Twitter just released a new dashboard to help users keep an eye out on how their data is being accessed by third-party apps and other services.

The dashboard, available in settings, allows users to review their log-in history and see devices that they are currently connected on. Users are also able to see the activity of apps that they have allowed access to their account.

In a post on the company blog, product manager Mollie Vandor said:

Now, your Twitter data dashboard — which you can access from the settings menu on twitter.com — shows your account activation details, the devices that have accessed your account and your recent login history. With this information, you can quickly review your account activity and verify that everything looks the way it should.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.38.56 AMThe data dashboard is a little bit more interesting than one might expect. By Twitter making it easier for users…

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DataCamp Gets $1M Seed Round To Develop Data Science Learning Platform


DataCamp wants to teach data science skills to a generation of people, and it got a million in seed money to continue developing its online data-science learning platform.

The round was led by Chris Lynch at Accomplice, an early stage venture capital firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company had raised $300,000 in seed money previously

DataCamp is not unlike coding bootcamps such as General Assembly and Codeacademy, but instead of focusing on general coding skills, it concentrates on data science skills

DataCamp founder Jonathan Cornelissen says there is a huge gap right now between the need for people with data science skills and those who can actually do it. “We are on a mission to solve the problem of the huge lack of people who know how to handle data,” he said.

Lead investor Chris Lynch agrees. “The thesis behind investment is that data science is a $100 million marketplace, growing 30 percent annually. And there…

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FDA Requiring Stronger Heart Attack & Stroke Warnings For Many Common Painkillers


The warning labels for Advil and other ibuprofen-containing drugs will soon be updated to more accurately reflect concerns about heart attack and stroke risks.  (photo: frankieleon) The warning labels for Advil and other ibuprofen-containing drugs will soon be updated to more accurately reflect concerns about heart attack and stroke risks. (photo: frankieleon) The Food and Drug Administration is looking to make consumers more aware of potential risks for heart attack and stroke associated with a popular class of painkillers that many of us use on a frequent basis for everyday aches and soreness.

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Enterprises Don’t Have Big Data, They Just Have Bad Data


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PayPal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel commonly harps on the tech community for overusing buzzwords like “cloud” and “big data.” He’s not the only one who’s been saying this, but the message still doesn’t appear to be sinking in with most enterprises.

Companies often tout all their terabytes and petabytes of data, and their massive teams of data scientists running huge Hadoop clusters with Apache Kafka streams that are such a competitive advantage.

The truth is, most of them suffer from one of the old adages in computing: garbage in, garbage out. Not only do most of them actually not have Big Data in terms of data complexity or volume, but most of them actually have Crappy Data, and it’s probably hurting their business. According to Experian Data Quality, inaccurate data affects the bottom line of 88 percent of organizations and impacts up to 12 percent of revenues.

Good Big Data

Some companies actually have good data and know how to use it. From mature, web-native companies like Google…

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Fire Information Map instructions

AK Fire Info

When there are multiple fires happening at once, it can be extremely confusing to know which fire might impact you or your friends and family.  Fortunately, there is an interactive map developed by the BLM Alaska Fire Service that can help you learn more about the fires most important to you.

This map tool isn’t perfect and is not updated in real time, but it can be a great tool to give you basic information about incidents.  You are also welcome to call the Fire Information Center at 907-356-5511, either to learn more about this tool or to learn more about fires you’re interested in.

First step: Open your web browser and go to http://fire.ak.blm.gov/

Then you’ll need to navigate to the map:

First image

Hover your mouse over the “Maps-Imagery-Geospatial” tab and another menu will appear:

Second image

Click on the “Statewide Fires” line and your map will open in a new window.


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You Can Now Buy Amazon’s Siri-For-Your-Home

With the story flying around about OK Google listening to private convos, I can see using the Off button a lot.


Amazon’s Amazon Echo voice-activated, connected home command center is now available for anybody to purchase. The Siri-like device will start shipping July 14.

The cylindrical Echo, which responds to voice commands and allows a user to learn the weather, set alarms, and listen to music, had a limited launch in fall 2014. Since then, Amazon has added many new features to the Echo, including compatibility with the music streaming service Pandora, the audiobook service Audible, and more.

“We are grateful to our early customers for their incredible engagement and for providing us with invaluable feedback to help shape Echo as it evolves—with their help, we’ve been able to add features like Audible, Pandora, home automation, sports scores, calendar, and more,” said Amazon Echo vice president Greg Hart in a statement. “We’re excited to get Echo into the hands of even more customers and continue to invent new features and experiences.”

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Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee Joins List Of Ridiculous Food You Can Find At The Fair

I’m sorry but this is really disgusting sounding.


(Courtesy of San Diego County Fair) (Courtesy of San Diego County Fair) If you thought the world couldn’t possibly cough up yet another deep-fried food oddity, you were wrong and you’ll probably be wrong again if you think people will ever stop chucking things into hot oil. The deep-fried trend is especially prevalent at fairs and festivals, with this year’s nominee for freakish fare showing up at the San Diego County Fair to much ado: Deep-fried Starbucks coffee.

No, not just any coffee, apparently it must be Starbucks, as seen in the sign at the Bacon-A-Fair booth and on the cups the food comes in, reports FoodBeast.

And if you’re imagining a piping hot crust filled with molten coffee, which sounds like something you’d inflict on your enemy so as to render him incapable of using his tongue ever again — it’s deep fried balls of ground coffee, dusted with sugar and topped with whipped…

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Chrome Should Soon Be Easier On Your Mac’s Battery

Lord, I hope so….


Whatever the relative merits of the various browser options, there’s one big advantage that Apple’s homegrown Safari has over most of the competition – using it as your browser can have a significant positive impact in terms of battery life on portable Macs. Now, Google is hoping to close that gap with upcoming changes to Chrome.

Chrome already got a new feature that can disable crappy Flash ads and win you back some battery cycles, but there’s more in the pipeline. Per senior Chrome engineer Peter Kasting outlining future steps on Google+, we’re going to see changes to the way Chrome handles rendering of background tabs (i.e., the ones you aren’t immediately looking at), and eking out some minor but important gains in the CPU efficiency of searching with Google.

There’s a lot more going on, most of which is designed to help Chrome match or approach CPU efficiency…

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Pinterest Unveils Buyable Pins, A Way To Purchase Things Directly Within Pinterest

Well. That was bound to happen eventually….. I worry about the security ramifications here. I won’t be using Facebook as a monetary tool any time soon, either.


Pinterest unveiled what it’s calling “buyable pins” at an event at its headquarters in San Francisco today.

Here’s how it works: Rich Pins — pins which have much more information than a normal link, such as the ingredients for a recipe — will get a new button that allows users to purchase things directly from partners that it’s working for. Users will see prices, be able to select specific types of a product (like the color), and then they can tap the button to buy the product. That item then arrives at the user’s door.

Pinterst Buyable PinsBuyable Pins will launch later this month. Pinterest is working with Stripe to handle its payments, and working with companies like Braintree and Apple to “make sure Pinterest never touches credit card information.” There is no fee for buyers and merchants, the company said. It’s launching Buyable Pins with Shopify and Demandware at launch.


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