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FEMA Campfire Safety Tips

Received via e-mail:

As the weather gets warmer, Americans are heading out on camping adventures with their family and friends. Although camping adventures can be fun, safety must be at the forefront to ensure a good time for all. Let’s get the facts now and prepare before venturing off into the great wilderness. As Smokey Bear has always said, “Only you can prevent wildfires!”

Always practice fire prevention when starting a campfire or grill in a woodland area:

Never build a campfire under trees or overhanging branches;
Clear a 10-foot area of pine needles & grass; and
Keep plenty of water on hand and have a shovel ready.
Once you’ve got your fire ablaze, do you know the suggested manageable size for a campfire and how to properly extinguish it? Check here to find out as well as read other safety tips.

If a wildfire starts in your camping area, evacuate immediately and call 9-1-1. To learn more about preparing for a wildfire disaster, download America’s PrepareAthon! How to Prepare for a Wildfire guide today!

Very cool but frightening Beaver Creek Fire Video

Hat tip to @incidentinfo for sharing this video from Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek Wildfire Video from SCVP Cordovano Video&Production on Vimeo.

Wildfire isn’t listening

Photos: A Trip to the Zoo

Gorilla portrait - ABQ Biopark - 20 Jan 13

I spent the afternoon at the ABQ Biopark on Sunday. It was a beautiful day to do it. We had something of a heat wave with 50F and it was sunny. To top it off, it was half price day. How could we go wrong?

You can see all 35 photos by clicking on the gorilla portrait or by clicking on this URL:

Ready for the holidays!

Chaco am ready for the holidays!

Chaco am ready for the holidays!

VOSTCat says….

“ENOUGH of this! Time for a break!”

VOSTCat says rest!

Deer Crossings – a Cautionary Tale

People – please be careful when you see a deer crossing sign.

Deer – please be careful when people who don’t have a clue see a deer crossing sign.