Confirmed: Google Will Launch Google Photos, A Standalone Photo Host With “Unlimited Storage”



Its been rumored for weeks, but consider it mostly official: Google is launching a photo service separate of Google+.

We just heard it straight from the horses mouth while walking the halls of Google I/O, though I don’t think we were supposed to hear it just yet. It’ll be announced during Google’s I/O keynote, scheduled to start in an hour.

Here’s what we gleaned:

  • It’s called “Google Photos”, and will live at (this url currently points to part of Google+)
  • They’re pitching it as having “unlimited storage”. Previous Google photo hosting services (like Picasa) ate into your Gmail/Drive/Google+ storage limits. “Unlimited” tends to come with caveats, so we’ll wait and see what exactly that entails. Caveats like…
  • It sounded like photos would be capped at 16MP and will also store video, capped at 1080P.
  • A new Photos app is coming to Android; it’s got better photo sorting (with things…

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