Stuff in the news 5/27/2015 – Wildfires

Fire Danger Level Meme


  • Canada is still having a rough go of it today. Alberta rescinded some evacuations but is warning residents of health danger, due to wildfire smoke. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia all have a number of fires or heightened fire risk, as well.
  • Alberta is a big deal, largely because of the threat to Canada’s oil sands production, which has already been cut about 10%. What the heck are oil sands, anyhow?
  • Alaska had fires near Nikolai and near the North Pole.
  • The cost of fighting fires in Oregon last year came out to $200 million. ODF advises residents to be prepared and to mitigate risk by creating defensible space (always a good idea!)
  • Mud Lake Complex in Florida will transition to Southern Area Gold Team on the morning of Thursday the 28th. It is currently 51% contained.
  • In Collier County, FL, the sheriff’s office has new camera technology in their helicopters that can be used to assist in wildfire evacuations.
  • A prescribed burn in Pinaleño Mountains in Arizona beginning Thursday the 28th
  • If you’re up for a run and anywhere around Chino Valley, AZ, June 4 registration is the deadline for the Chino Valley fundraiser Hotshot 10k, 5K, Fun Walk
  • In California, a marijuana grower was fined $6.5 million for sparking a wildfire and a girl was convicted over the San Diego Cocos fire, which she started “to see what would happen”. She was sentenced to community service for starting the fire, which grew to about 2,000 acres.
  • Thinking about learning more about forest ecology? Turns out there fewer students studying botany nowadays.
  • via @mic654 on Twitter, Kyle Dickman, the author of On the Burning Edge, about the Yarnell hotshots, says you should stop expecting firefighters to save your homes 
  • Speaking of Yarnell, there is also a movie in the making and @FSOMile wonders how close it will be to the facts.

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