Why do mudslides occur and how do they relate to soil?

Good background info for #ORfire #WAfire folks but also for other parts of the country.

Soils Matter, Get the Scoop!

Question: Why do mudslides occur and how do they relate to soil?

Answer: As explained in the last Soils Matter post, in order to have a strong foundation for a house or a building, the soil must also be stable and strong.

A mudslide (or landslide) consists of mud and other earth materials that fall down a slope, usually after a period of heavy rain. When buildings balance on soils that cannot effectively capture and react to precipitation, mudslides may occur. The weight of the water and the steep incline push the mud and dirt downhill. Mudslides can happen quickly or slowly. Flash mudslides, where heavy, watery dirt falls suddenly without warning, are the most dangerous.

Mudslides can happen in all 50 states, but there are certain places where mudslides are more prone to happen. For example, on the West Coast, states like California, Washington, and Oregon see…

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