Your Favorite Apps Know More About You Than You Realize


Earlier this week, a long-lost co-worker sent me a request on Trivia Crack. The message flashed on my iPhone’s screen, and then later popped up in my Facebook notifications. Hours later, an old barfly friend of mine sent another one. And then after a few days passed, a high school classmate sent one as well.

Something had to be up, because not only was I not a big Trivia Crack player, I didn’t even have the app on my phone anymore. So I dropped my classmate a note via Facebook, asking what prompted her to prod me on a game I only played twice, months ago. “You sent me a spin, I thought I returned the favor,” she replied.

Immediately, my mind went racing. It was bad enough this game was doing things in my name without my permission, but what does Trivia Crack know about me? One thing’s for…

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