Laundrapp Raises Further £4M As On-Demand Laundry Apps Descend On The UK

Tech for good? Perhaps a long shot but isn’t the world a better place with clean clothes on hand? 😉


If you live in London, you may have heard of Laundrapp, one of a plethora of on-demand laundry startups targeting the UK capital city (and other cities in the country). After disclosing a £1.5 million funding round in January, the company has been spending heavily on marketing, not least television, radio and billboard advertising.

That’s something that is relatively uncommon, although not unheard of, for such an early-stage company, and is sometimes frowned upon by investors. Laundrapp was founded in 2014 but only saw its official launch at the start of this year.

Today the startup’s advertising coffers get anther boost. The company has raised a further £4 million to be used for “continued rapid expansion” across the UK, and — you’ve guessed it — a “substantial investment” in marketing. In other words, don’t expect those TV ads to disappear any time soon.

Currently available in London, Edinburgh…

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