JetBlue System-Wide Computer Failure Leads To Long Lines, Delays


(Boss Meg) (Boss Meg) If you’re stuck in a long line at the airport right now, you’re not alone: JetBlue’s computer system failed this morning, forcing the airline to check all its passengers in manually.

The system-wide outage caused delays in several airports this morning, after the glitch affected a number of computerized functions at the airline, a spokesman told Bloomberg.

The situation was resolved by about 6:15 a.m. in New York, with the airline saying it’s “working to resume normal operations now,” but warning that there may be “some delays” throughout the day, without offering specifics.

“We apologize. The cause of the system-wide outage has been resolved. We should have you on your way shortly,” the company wrote to various customers on Twitter, as fliers complained about delays and slow lines.

Such glitches can have a ripple effect, as delayed flights cause passengers to miss connections and snarl…

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