Majority Of Top Messaging Apps And Tools Fail EFF’s Security Review


It may have taken massive hacks of popular platforms like Apple’s iCloud and messaging app Snapchat to generate mainstream awareness around the fact that any content stored online – or frankly, in any digital format – is vulnerable to attack and exposure. Meanwhile, thanks to revelations from Edward Snowden about the nature of the surveillance state we now live in, more mobile users are aware that steps need to be taken to ensure communications remain private, as intended.

But which messaging technologies are really safe and secure? According to a new study put out this week by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), very few meet the most minimal standards for security.

Many of the largest and most popular messaging tools including those from Apple, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo lack end-to-end encryption that would protect communications against disclosure by the service provider, the study found. And several other major messaging platforms like QQ, Mixit, and…

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