Dropbox’s Drew Houston Responds To Snowden’s Privacy Criticism: It’s A Trade-Off


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden sparked controversy when he advised consumers (twice) to “get rid of Dropbox” if they want to protect their privacy. Today, Drew Houston, CEO of the cloud storage startup, responded to the accusations. People can do more to encrypt their data, he admitted, but It’s “a trade-off between usability/convenience and security,” he said. “We offer people choice.”

The comments, made by Houston onstage today at the Dublin Web Summit, come as a director at the UK’s GCHQ published an essay on terrorism, social media and government access to data.

Houston didn’t directly address the question of whether government organizations are justified tapping data from social networks and other big tech companies, or the ethics of whether privacy is an unalienable right, and instead focused on the user experience.

“If you offer zero knowledge encryption we understand the motivation for that, but there are downsides to it,” he said, citing services like search…

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