A 12.9″ iPad Could Make 2015 The Year iOS Breaks The Mobile Mold


A new Apple iPad is in development, according to Bloomberg, with a 12.9-inch display that adds around 3-inches to the size of the iPad Air in terms of diagonal screen dimensions. Such a device would be a lot larger than Apple’s current top tablet overall, and is apparently already gearing up for a production run starting in the first quarter of 2015. We’ve long heard rumors about a bigger tablet coming out of Cupertino, but if it’s finally arriving, next year could be a milestone for iOS and how it’s used.

The 12.9-inch iPad has been in development for at least a year, according to Bloomberg’s sources, and is designed to help “shake up” iPad sales according to the publication. It’s true that iPad sales have essentially plateaued over the last couple of quarters, instead of continuing to grow as has Apple’s iPhone segment. Some analysts claim consumer shyness…

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One response to “A 12.9″ iPad Could Make 2015 The Year iOS Breaks The Mobile Mold

  1. There are apps like UX Write that are good enough. And the smaller size does hold me back. But it’s that 2% of the time that I need some desktop app like Illustrator or something that makes me wonder how I would ever cut the link to a desktop OS completely.

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