Retired physics teacher takes a powerful Supermoon shot in Kamloops

Very TimBurtonesque. #supermoon #BCfire #Canada

Global News

A 76-year-old former physics teacher from Kamloops takes special pride in his Supermoon image.

The picture was taken from Gordon Gore’s sun deck in the west side of Kamloops over Strawberry Hill.

Superimposed on the bright image of the Supermoon are trees damaged in a wildfire 11 years ago.

Full moon, also known as the Supermoon, seems extra big and bright, with as much as a 30 per cent difference in brightness.

Gore’s image was taken with a simple digital camera Sunday night.

Gore worked as a physics teacher at a local school for decades and produced a series of textbooks that many physics students in B.C. came into contact with. His legacy also involves the launch of the Kamloops Big Little Science Centre.

His friend Peter Vogel, who posted Gore’s pictures on social media, says Gore is a tremendous popularizer of science in general and physics in particular, especially through…

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