Twitter Is Experimenting With A New Way To Retweet

This should be really useful for #smem #vost


The best thing about Twitter is that it forces users to embrace brevity thanks to its 140-character updates. It’s also the worst thing about Twitter, turning loquacious tweeters into Twitter stream hogs – as with the disaster that is the multi-part running commentary known as the Tweetstorm. But now Twitter is experimenting with a new feature called “retweet with comment” that would better allow users to participate in a conversation, while also providing context and commentary that can otherwise get lost when using the standard Twitter “retweet” function or “quoted tweets.”

In fact, it appears that the “retweet with comment” feature would replace the latter “quote tweet” option, which today often requires users to truncate the original tweet in order to add their own two cents.

retweetwithcommentOh, in case all this Twitter terminology has you lost:

A Twitter retweet allows a user to re-post another’s tweet to their own personal timeline. The “quote tweet” feature, meanwhile, grabs the other person’s…

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