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This could have been a great campaign, if it provided some suggestions about how people could get toilets to use, instead of only pointing out that it’s not a good idea to defecate in the streets. Also, one has to wonder if someone that doesn’t have access to a necessity as basic as a toilet is going to see this video in the first place. Still, the idea of reaching out has potential for public health awareness. Perhaps UNICEF will do a follow up campaign?

The Dish

A trippy and hathos-filled video for UNICEF’s Poo2Loo campaign, which aims to bring awareness to the 620 million people in India who defecate publicly each day:

Scaachi Koul criticizes the campaign for missing its target:

UNICEF seems to think lack of awareness is the issue, that Indian Wii characters just need to buckle down and take their poops to the giant, bedazzled toilet in the middle of Delhi and everything will be okay. But with the exception of, say, very rude children and animals, everyone in India knows they’re not supposed to poop in the streets. The problem of public waste in India isn’t complacency or stupidity or backwards values. Poo2Loo zeros in on a gross (and therefore, rarely discussed) problem in India, but focuses on the wrong issue: not awareness, but resources. …

Usually the people defecating in public are poor. On their list of priorities is eating, finding clean water, and not…

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