Comcast-TWC Merger Could Bring Broadband Data Caps To Pretty Much Everyone


(frankieleon) (frankieleon) Mobile data caps might be almost universal, but home broadband data caps are much less so. Some providers have them, but many don’t. At the moment, Time Warner Cable is in that “doesn’t” category — but Comcast keeps trying to expand theirs. If the FCC grants the corporate union of the two its blessing, a whopping 78% of Americans could find themselves living under the new normal of limited home broadband.

The math comes from the crew over at GigaOm, who keep up to date on the state of broadband caps in general. They find that among cable broadband providers, TWC and Cablevision are the only ones who don’t currently impose data caps on consumers. (Fiber and DSL companies are a more mixed bag.) Post-merger, Cablevision could easily be the last one.

Comcast’s current data cap — sorry, “data threshold” — is 300 GB…

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