From Static To Suggestive: Nokia’s Earthmine-Powered Vision For The Future Of Maps


[tc_dropcap]N[/tc_dropcap]okia is preparing to become a very different animal. The company whose name is still synonymous with mobile phones in certain parts of the world will — barring a last-minute bout of nerves from the company board —  hand off its devices & services unit to Microsoft early next year in exchange for $7.2 billion. Which means that in 2014 Nokia is going to have both the time and the money to refocus its efforts elsewhere — and one key area for the future of the company, indeed one of only three remaining business units at Nokia, is maps & location services, under its HERE brand.

No surprise, then, that Nokia is revving up its engines in the location space. Notably, it’s fully integrated the digital mapping giant Navteq — which it acquired way back in 2007, but was running as an independent business up until last year.

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