First Responder Resiliency Class (Roosevelt Co, NM)

The goal of this course is to understand, assess, plan, and apply the psychology of resiliency. The course will provide you with materials and techniques that you can apply throughout your life to help you assess situations and move forward smoothly through difficult and varied situations. Finally, the course is intended to serve as a decision model to help you determine if your resiliency skillset is adequate to support you or if you wish to pursue additional resiliency training.


Topics include:

Goal Setting, Sleep, Relaxation, Perspective,

ABCs, Empathy, and Social Support

December 7, 2013 (0800-1700)

Roosevelt Co. Sheriff’s Office

( 109 Airport Road, South of Portales)


Maximum Class of 30

This class is at no cost to the student. Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement CEUs have been applied for.

Lunch will be provided – please register by Dec. 5th at noon.


To Register and assure a seat, contact:


Larry Nelson, MS NMCEM

Director – EMS, Fire and Emergency Management Programs


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