Interactive: This Is How Much Money Twitter Owes You

$2,251 for @TheRedElm


Update, July 30, 2014: Twitter no longer allows for web pages to load public information on a user’s followers and tweet history without authentication, so this interactive is regrettably no longer available.


Now that Twitter has a market capitalization of at least $24.9 billion, more than a few of the social network’s 230 million users have noticed their tweets are making other people rich. Many people want their cut.

So what would that be exactly? TIME has crunched the numbers. Plug in your username (or anyone else’s) below to find out how valuable your Twitter feed is.

Not enough to retire, huh? Don’t despair, even Barack Obama is getting his clock cleaned online. The leader of the free world is owed $5,160,650, but he’s a small-timer compared with 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber, who is due $20,916,384 thanks to his nonstop tweeting and devoted following.

To see how…

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