Needs more chiles

I don’t know what happens when the cooler weather sets in. Perhaps there’s ursine blood in me, so I have to start preparing for hibernation. Whatever causes it, I have this need to bake things and cook junk food. OK, it’s not all junk food and I still owe my VOSTie, Shara, the recipe for the beef curry I made over the holidays last year.

This is one of my favorite workday breakfasts: 2 fried eggs on toast with cream cheese, bacon, and green chile. The joy of telecommuting SHOULD be the ability to do this but, alas, remote work realistically means longer hours at the desk and I’m happy for the coffee and “output” most days. Thank goodness for ZoneBars.

Fried Egg Sandwich

The chile is 505 chile, which comes in jars but also in these handy dandy individual packets. I used only half a packet on each sandwich, but drained could use the whole thing.


These packets are awesome for traveling outside of New Mexico and are fondly referred to in our house as “emergency chile”.

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