Emergency Planning for Those With Specific Functional Needs

From FEMA:

When making emergency plans, remember that each person’s needs and abilities are unique.  If you or someone you know has access or functional needs, additional steps should be taken to stay safe, healthy, mobile and independent during a disaster. Individuals with access and functional needs include:

Those who are hard of hearing, of limited sight or with limited English proficiency;

  • Single parents;
  • People without vehicles; and
  • People with special dietary needs.

Find out about assistance programs that may be available in your community and register in advance with your local office of emergency services, non-profits groups and health departments.

Stay mobile and independent by including items in your disaster kit that meet your needs such as:

  • Medical prescriptions;
  • Extra eyeglasses and hearing aids;
  • Written descriptions of service needs; and
  • Batteries and chargers for assistance devices.

More ways to plan for those with access and functional needs is available in the “Prepare For Emergencies Now, Information For People With Disabilities” guide.

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