Dr. Paul Adams Responds to Oregonian Water Quality Story

Historical Information

UPDATE: HW Policy & Mgmt – AdamsP 07 is a copy of the Adams paper that Loup Loup referred to.

This article was run in the Oregonian on Aug. 20 entitled “Do Oregon’s clear-cut and pesticide buffers protect drinking water from creeks, rivers? “. It makes one wonder if this was timed to raise this question at the same time as Senator Wyden is working on the O&C lands issue- especially when it is not clear that the story fairly depicts the OSU studies, and the Oregonian did not publish Dr. Adams’ response. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a copy of his response and post it here:

Forestry and Drinking Water – Still a Vital Combination

Forestry and clean water, it’s an issue with many angles. On Wednesday, The Oregonian focused on a local controversy while also raising broader questions about forest stream protection and clean, reliable drinking water…

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