Amazon Now Offering Users Discounted Or Free Digital Versions Of Print Books Bought Through Its Site


Amazon announced a new program today called Kindle MatchBook, which offers digital versions of print books purchased through its online bookstore to customers for between free and $2.99, depending on the title. The program covers book purchases ranging back to 1995, when it first started selling books to customers online.

Kindle’s MatchBook program will have over 10,000 qualifying titles to begin with when it starts up in October, and the company plans to roll out more over time. Publisher partners are responsible for enrolling books in the MatchBook program, and setting a price (free, $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99) at which their customers can also download the Kindle version of the title to their Kindle app for dedicated Kindle hardware.

If you logged onto your CompuServe account during the Clinton administration and bought a book like Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus from Amazon, Kindle MatchBook now makes it…

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