Your App Is Slow Because Our World Is Ending


The meatiest article I ran across on the Internet this week was also–maybe–a harbinger of doom for life as we know it. I mean Drew Crawford’s superb pieceWhy mobile web apps are slow. It’s long, and somewhat dense, but definitely worth reading if you’re technical enough to follow along.

Its upshot: HTML5 apps will be vastly inferior to native apps not just for the next year or two, but for the next 5-10 years, because of fundamental technical limitations inherent to mobile platforms. I do have a quibble or two2 with some of his arguments, but he has convinced me that twopieces I wrote two years ago, in which I call for iOS garbage collection and claim that HTML5 will rule over all in a few years, may need to be reconsidered in light of new evidence.

All right, OK, fine, I’ll say it: they were…

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