Thompson Fire Information – 5/31/2013 – 9:30 pm via @NMStateForestry

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Thompson Fire Information – 5/31/2013 – 9:30 pm

Situation: Fire spread has slowed now that temperatures have decreased and winds have slowed. Fire remains active, however. The fire has burned onto Valles Caldera property. Crews continue to work to suppress the Thompson Ridge Fire, burning in grass and timber, Some spot fires have been detected on Redondo Peak . State Forestry, Sandoval County VFDs and SFS engines and crews are on scene. The fire is approximately 650-800 acres, running in oak brush and Ponderosa Pine. Evacuations in the area of Thompson Ridge took place this afternoon by Sandoval County emergency management and law enforcement.



Start Date & Time:  5/31/13 @ 1440

Start Location: Jemez Springs , Thompson Ridge  area

Latitude:  35 53.399

Longitude:  -106 37.365

Cause of Fire:  Tree on power line.

Area Vegetation:  grass, Ponderosa Pine, Brush

Acres Burned: between 650 and 800 acres based on aerial flyovers.

Ownership(s):  Private and Valles Caldera

Structures Threatened:  Yes – None immediately at this time, based on weather patterns.

Structures Burned:  slight damage to one home in Thompson Ridge, but was quickly taken care of.

Evacuations (Y or N & #): Yes.  Thompson Ridge community – approximately 40-50 homes. No shelter has been set up, based on lack of need.

% contained:  none reported

Temperature:  70 degrees F

Relative Humidity:  7%

Wind Speeds:  20 mph   25 mph gusts

Wind Direction:  WSW

# of Crews: 2 IHC in route

# of Engines:  6+

# of Bulldozers:

# of water tenders:  Unknown

Total # of Personnel: 80+


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