One more reason to love Buffer

I’ll admit I didn’t understand completely when this rolled out on native Twitter but now that Leo has explained in a blog post, it’s one more shade of awesome.

If you take a look at Buffer’s feedback forum, for probably the last few months there was one item that rose to the first page like nothing else:

Schedule retweets

We couldn’t be any more excited to finally release this for everyone today. Being able to schedule your retweets with Buffer gives you an awesome opportunity to show your support and engagement for other people’s tweets – without ever flooding your followers with too much content.

When we brainstormed this feature internally, we wanted to achieve something very unique: The ability to schedule a retweet, no matter which app, web or mobile client you are using. After many months of testing and tweaking, we are finally able to release this it to everyone.

Let’s take a look how you can make use of this….

Continue reading Leo’s post here

I’ve been using Buffer since it was quite new and, even though I now have Sprout Social, it’s still a mainstay in my toolbox. Being able to schedule new-style retweets is an awesome addition.


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