Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes…with snack foods! (Part 1)

With a hat tip to @gailk on Twitter. This is awesome. Oreos are so versatile as a teaching tool, aren’t they?

Red Cross Talks

We loved this blog from our friends at RedCrossPDX in Oregon, we decided to post it.

There are some easy ways to demonstrate how volcanoes and earthquakes work! Last year I was fortunate to work with Oregon State’s Robert Lillie, a Professor of Geology and Public Interpretation. To help the public understand how earthquakes and volcanoes are created with plate tectonics, he developed some simple visuals using snack foods. The first part in this two part series will discuss plate boundaries using double-stuffed Oreo cookies.

Simulating plate boundaries with Oreo cookies. The upper cookie is the lithosphere, the creamy filling the asthenosphere, and the lower cookie the lower mantle. Carefully remove the upper cookie with a “twisting” motion. Slide the upper cookie over the creamy filling to simulate motion of a rigid lithospheric plate over the softer asthenosphere. Next, break the upper cookie in half. As you do…

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