Tips for PIOs in an Emergency

Great tip from Jim here on the dangers of pre-scheduled tweets. Pre-scheduling and auto-tweeting are a good thing, overall, but never leave it there with no human intervention. You need to shut them down, if needed. And oh, by the way, you need to monitor reactions to those auto-posts!

The Face of the Matter

Scheduled social media posts are one of the pro-level tricks of the trade. Once you figure out what the heck you’re doing, you realize that you can never be present enough to truly stoke the fires of your audiences (More, more, they cry!). And then you find out that tools like Facebook, Hootsuite, Futuretweets and Buffer can all help you manage the burden of a full posting schedule. It also helps with not overwhelming your publics. Instead of a massive link dump all at one time, you can spread your posts out to when they’re most likely to notice and interact with you.

And then something like Boston happens. You, being the social media savvy “ninja,” are watching the whole thing unfold in real time on a number of social media channels. And then your account tweets without you. Something scheduled, something silly (go you for being a…

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