I just discovered Anchored-In-Knowledge via a Psych Central FB post and am following it now in WordPress.

Anchored In Knowledge Counseling

My mother once said to me:

“once you enter a deep pool or ocean of water the last thing you want to do is kick uncontrollably because that is the moment when you sink.”

Ever since then, I stopped kicking in moments of great discouragement. I learned to “let life take me” and search for meaning in the details. Through this, I became a follower of God, of faith (the very One we celebrate today). Having denounced all orthodox-type religion, I found tools that opened up my mind to a world of new possibilities. Outside my mind, my logic, is where I found hope. Since then, my hope has wavered, but because of this Anchor, I’m able to climb the ladder of life with a ray of light.

I’ve become a firm believer in the power of perception on our feelings of uncertainty. There are 6 things I encourage you to do…

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  1. Thanks for following and sharing!
    All the best

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