Debunking Tornado Myths

From FEMA:

Several myths about the nature of tornadoes have long existed and serve as a hindrance to preparedness. Help dispel these commons myths in your community and share via Facebook.

Myth: Areas near rivers, lakes and mountains are safe from tornadoes.

Fact: No terrain is safe from tornadoes. For example, a tornado swept through Yellowstone National Park leaving a path of destruction up and down a 10,000 ft. mountain.

Myth: The low pressure with a tornado causes buildings to “explode” as the tornado passes overhead.

Fact: Violent winds and debris slamming into buildings cause most structural damage.

Myth: Windows should be opened before a tornado approaches to equalize pressure and minimize damage.

Fact: Opening windows allows damaging winds to enter a structure. Leave windows alone; instead, immediately go to a basement, interior room or bathroom without windows.

For more information, visit or read NOAA’s Tornado Guide.

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