Santa Fe Public Schools 2013 Safety & Security Awards

Santa Fe Public Schools


  • The District Safety Committee, comprised of over 30 school and community individuals, agencies and organizations, is sponsoring the second “Safety Stars Awards” recognition program April 17
  • All staff and community members are encouraged to nominate another staff member, student, administrator, parent, volunteer, community responder, business or other individual. Students may also nominate through a staff member.
  • Criteria for nomination:
    • Could have been involved in an incident or safety drill where safety was a major concern 
    • Must have contributed to safety of the schools or helped others with the schools maintain safety and security beyond expectations
    • Could have taken the action during school or en route to/from
    • school 
  • Nominations should include:
    • First/last name, school (grade level if applicable) of student/staff nominated, business/organization/agency name (if applicable)
    • First/last name and contact information of person doing the nomination
    • A detailed written description of why they are being nominated

Those selected will be recognized at a special awards ceremony April 17 and receive public acknowledgment. Please send your nomination to: Douglas Conwell, Emergency Management Specialist, or call 467-2526



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