Nice piece by @jgarrow! With regard to the mnemonics, I think that’s a communication and teaching thing and there aren’t so many EMs that have developed those skills. On the other hand, a catchy phrase is only as the knowledge behind it. I think the key is to success in crisis comms is to develop better communications skills in the people who really deal with the crisis itself, as opposed to having the work farmed out. That’s going to take a culture change, though, and a very large cadre of EMs who can wear two hats.

The Face of the Matter

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending a social media and crisis communication two-day workshop sponsored by our local Task Force, provided by the wonderful folks at the Media Survival Group. (Full disclosure: I love every single session of theirs that I attend; and I’m not even getting paid to say that!) Kerry and Karen were, as usual, terrific, but listening to Kelly Huston’s (Assistant Secretary at CalEMA for Crisis Communications and Media Relations and owner of the very useful ProCommunicator website) advice got me thinking about crisis communication consultants. His presentation (piped in live via Skype) gave tons of advice in easy-to-remember bites. There were the five P’s of why you should use social media, and then the ABC method of first steps in crisis communication response.

And even today, I remember both of those things. What a clever way to teach an idea that I’ve…

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