Scam alert from Albuquerque Police

LESSON LEARNED! UPDATE: Either the person who e-mailed this didn’t get it from APD or APD needs to Snopes their own alerts. The scam alert is a scam itself:


Please forgive me – I should have verified, even if it came from a trusted source!

And shout out of thanks to Santa Fe OEM for the catch. ❤

Received via e-mail from Santa Fe Public Schools District Safety Committee:


Just received this from ABQ Police Crime Prevention – Applies to the ABQ Metro Area but all need to be aware and vigilant as these scams can take place anywhere

Be careful at gas stations & parking lots/criminals giving free key rings with device chip.

There is a syndicate of criminals presenting themselves as sales promoters who are giving away free key rings at gas stations and parking lots. The key ring has a tracking device chip which allows the criminals to track and follow you. Please, please don’t accept them. They select their seemingly well-to-do potential victims and if you accept, you might become a victim of their tricks. The key holders are very beautiful and hard to resist accepting; but remember, you may end up paying more than the cost of a key holder, including the risk to your life. Please advise your family members, email contacts, and friends as well.

ADT Alarm Company Scam

Additionally there is a sophisticated group of individuals operating door to door in the ABQ area, presenting themselves as working for ADT Alarm Company. They tell residents that they will change the batteries in the alarm systems within their homes. These individuals even have “company identification badges” hanging around their necks or pinned to their clothing. Do not let these individuals into your home. This is a prelude to home invasion. Victims have sustained injuries, been robbed and their homes ransacked.

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