Clay Walker shoots video in Lamy and Madrid, NM

Those of you who have worked virtual ops with me this summer know that one of my guilty pleasures is heading out for a couple of hours for a nice dinner and some great music by Buffalo Nickel at The Legal Tender in Lamy.

If you haven’t been to The Legal Tender, it’s really quite the piece of history. It’s the original hotel by the rail station, that has reincarnated into a railroad museum, restaurant, and a charity bookstore (though, as much of a biblioholic as I am, I’ve yet to figure out where the store is). With the exception of the kitchen staff, everyone who works there is a volunteer, though, they do get tips – so be generous when you go, please. They are awesome folks. Every Thursday night, Tina Carr, who owns Eldorado Country Pet, teaches either two-step, waltz, or line dancing.

Another cool thing that happens is the occasional historical reenactment. I’m pretty sure many of these are reenactments of things that didn’t happen there but call me on it if I’m wrong. For instance, the Pony Express didn’t go through New Mexico, to my knowledge. Wild Bill Hickok was shot in a saloon in Deadwood, not Lamy. That said, it’s entertaining to have folks do stuff like that. But, Mar, what about Clay Walker? I’m getting there.

Wild Bill Hickok in Lamy

So, the Wild Bill shooting happened a couple of months ago. That there dude with the big mustache is Wild Bill, played by Thadd Turner. Thadd, who had the terrible misfortune of getting shot in the head just moments later, is also the Producer and Co-Founder of Turnstone Entertainment in Santa Fe and he directed and produced Clay Walker’s Jesse James video. Betcha ya thought I’d never get there, huh?

Last night, after awesome music and the waltz lessons for the night, Brian McLane fired up a laptop and projector and Thadd showed us the new video, as well as a making-of video that he had produced. It was a real treat to see the Lamy Church used in the video and the insides of the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid. If you can’t place Madrid, it’s also where Wild Hogs was filmed. I’ll leave any value judgements to you on that event. It is also the case that Thadd, once again, got shot to death.  He seems to do that a lot. I’m not sure if that means that secretly he’s a zombie or something. I guess we’ll wait for Halloween to see what he does.

So, without further adieu, here are the videos. Enjoy but remember you can buy the song on iTunes too!

Clay Walker – “Jesse James” (Official Video)

Clay Walker – Behind The Scenes – Jesse James Video Shoot

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