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QR Code Campaign
A new QR code campaign has been launched in Berlin, Germany, this week. Unlike previous campaigns featuring QR codes, this one is has nothing to do with marketing – it’s all about equality. The campaign is called Can You Solve This? and was organized by Esra’a Al Shafei of Bahrain and Ruha Reyhani of Germany. Together, the two are looking to spread awareness of the issue of inequality in Iran’s education system.

As it stands, women in Iran have no access to education. Instead, they are pressured into traditional cultural roles. This means that women wanting to receive any education would have to seek it out in other countries. For the vast majority of women, this is an impossibility, either because they lack the money or they are pressured to adhere to cultural standards.

Reyhani and Al Shafei are looking to challenge the world community on a more interactive level when it comes to inequality. According to Reyhani, most human rights campaigns take an aggressive approach when distributing information. This can leave would-be supporters overwhelmed and, in the end, discourage them from backing the issues. Using QR codes, this new campaign seeks to encourage people to learn more about the issues at their own pace and get involved through interacting with the codes.

The codes are linked to the campaigns website, where a wealth of information is available regarding educational inequality. Thus far, the campaign has been able to attract more than 300,00 supporters using little more than QR coded materials.

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