Maybe a little social-media fatigue isn’t such a bad idea

Interesting piece, saying what I’ve what I’ve pointed out a number of times to people who go off the rails about too much time online. Frankly, we, as a species, have always been time-wasters. You can use a Franklin Planner or a journal of some sort to track how you spend you time, whether you’re wired or not. Let’s not blame the technology – it’s out use of it that matters.

As Google tries to boost its social market share with its new Google+ network — which just got some Facebook-style games designed to increase engagement — and Twitter adding new activity streams to pull users in, and Facebook trying to become the one network that rules them all, social-media fatigue seems to be an increasingly likely outcome. Some are already complaining about the number of directions they are being pulled in when it comes to social content-sharing, and cartoonist Scott Adams recently argued that all this constant stimulation is actually getting in the way of true creativity. Are we amusing ourselves to death online, and if so, what is the cure?

Read the rest here:

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