Doggy Daycare for the Chosen

OK, so you know those Law & Order episodes where the parents go berserk trying to get their toddlers into the right nursery schools, so they can get into Harvard, later? I’m pretty sure those people should also not be allowed to have pets.

To get accepted at summer camp, it took a three-page application, a family interview and three hours of monitored playtime. The applicant: Cannoli, a dog.

Anyone who thinks elite preschools are rigorous enough may want to take a look at doggie day cares. They, too, are submitting prospective charges to exhaustive screenings.

Ramsay de Give for The Wall Street Journal

Cannoli joined a Long Island City, N.Y., doggie day care based on a three-page application, excerpt above, and an evaluation.



On a recent summer morning, Cannoli, a seven-pound Maltese, had to wow evaluators at Camp Bow Wow in Long Island City, N.Y., in hopes of making the cut. First came a series of tough questions on the application, including: “Has your dog ever growled at or bitten another person or dog?” and “Will your dog share toys with other dogs?”

Next was the evaluation. Owner Karen Serafinko and her son, John, watched on a TV monitor as Cannoli interacted with other dogs in a yard for dogs smaller than 10 pounds.

Cannoli’s evaluator came in after half an hour with a progress report. “He’s doing great. He’s having a lot of fun.”

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