Mindfulness in a wired world

Earlier this year I attended the 2nd annual Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Jose, CA. I was intrigued by any event that could bring together buddhist monks and executives from companies like Facebook and Twitter.

I had already seen in videos from the first conference that there was a chasm between the mindful set and the wired and recall a rather spirited discussion between Roshi Joan Halifax and one of the panelists from the tech world. The gist of it was that Roshi Joan felt one couldn’t be mindful and be engaged in heavy social networking. her co-panelist was more than a little offended and said there was no reason one couldn’t be mindful in interacting on Twitter.

Personally, I have formed some significant friendships via social media and those that are local have become real world friendships. At the same time, I find it difficult to handle the influx of statuses from friends and sometimes the ones requiring the most handling get set aside indefinitely, as I mean to come back to them.

How do you deal with multiple social networks and do you feel that relationships are somehow less deep than they used to be? Elephant Journal grapples with this question, as well…

We are experiencing a cascade, a delude of information, and communication options which can be overwhelming. This input begs us to consciously choose how to engage with this 24/7 connectivity.

Choosing how to take this all in, let alone how to be with this 24/7 mobile communication is and will be a key to our individual mental and physical well-being and that of our local communities and global family.  How to handle this daily media exposure, its impact on us, and our participation in its use is a challenge to those of us plugged in.


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