Hacker can shut down Apple MacBook battery – CNN.com

Aside from the issue of finding a way to blow up someone’s MacBook Pro, for which most of us are unlikely targets, I find it disturbing that Apple has no comment and am a bit concerned about the conventional wisdom that Macs can’t be attacked with viruses.

That said, if you read the rest the original, there seems to be more confidence in Lion, so if you have yet to upgrade your OS, this might be that extra push you need.

Las Vegas (CNN) — Forget computer viruses and worms. What’s maybe the worst thing a hacker could do to your laptop? Access it remotely and shut it down — or maybe even blow it up.

Which is why famous Apple hacker Charlie Miller wanted to do just that.

“I don’t want to wake up one day and have my computer blow up,” said Miller, who is an avid user of Apple products. “I want to be the one looking at that — not the bad guys.”

How would a person blow up a laptop without even coming near it? By tampering with the software that runs its battery, said Miller, who demonstrated a way to hack into an Apple laptop battery and shut it down, but fell short of actually making it explode.

Apple did not respond to a CNN request for comment.

Read more here: cnn.com

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