2011 ties record for most billion dollar weather disasters in United States

Billion dollar weather events in the U.S. during 2011. Count indicated by size of bars (adapted by author to include Missouri River flooding in 2011), damages indicated by lines (damage numbers in 2011 do not include Missouri River flooding).
(From NOAA, adapted by author)

Add the flooding of the Missouri River to the list of billion dollar weather disasters in the U.S. in 2011. The economic toll from that historic flood – which is ongoing – brings the total number of billion dollar weather events in 2011 to nine, tying 2008 for the most on record since 1980. And hurricane season still remains.

Although NOAA has not yet officially listed the Missouri River flooding as a billion dollar event, Angela Fritz, atmospheric scientist at Weather Underground estimates the flood has produced at least $2-4 billion in damages.

Fritz points out that U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said damage to levee and dam systems alone could reach $1 billion. That figure doesn’t include damages to roads or the 500,000 flooded acres in seven states.

Continues at washingtonpost.com


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