In a Tizzy About Tithing — Emerging Ideas — Utne Reader

It is beyond me how anyone get snark at someone who decides to tithe of his/her own freewill. Generosity is not (or at least should not be) meant to make others look bad. Furthermore, since tithing is a percentage, it is irrelevant whether the couple in question is childless. Sure they have more disposable income but it’s what they chose to do with it that counts. If you read the original article, their leftover income is not absurdly high. I have friends who are clergy with multiple children and they chose to tithe. Would the Daily Mail commenter sneer at them, as well?


Toby Ord, an Australian philosophy researcher at the University of Oxford, is causing quite a stir—by giving away his money. Ord earns $52,000 a year and has promised to donate all of his post-tax earnings above $28,000 to fight global poverty. He has calculated that his personal giving could save as many as 2,100 lives. His wife, Bernadette Young, a physician, donates everything she earns above $40,000.

…But a story about their efforts didn’t sit right with readers of Britain’s Daily Mail. “What a pair of freaks,” wrote Penelope about Ord and Young in a letter to the editor….

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