Terrorists move to Skype, frustrate eavesdroppers – The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Terrorist organizations targeting India have moved their communications significantly to Internet and other possible innovative means, denying Indian intelligence agencies any major breakthrough yet in their post-Mumbai blasts investigations.

Intelligence agencies have been carrying out intense sweeping of various communication means, especially mobile and satellite networks to see if there are any suspicious phone calls, and any possible contacts between individuals in India and their contacts in Pakistan. It is a standard practice, one which has paid them rich dividends in most investigations in the past.

But this time around, agencies are finding an unusual silence, and almost no contacts across the border. This despite significant upgrade in the eavesdropping capabilities of most agencies in recent times, especially that of Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence Bureau and NTRO ( National Technical Research Organisation).

A senior intelligence officer said they had for sometime now been suspecting that the terrorists had moved their communications to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a communication technology that helps delivery of voice and multimedia data over Internet.

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