Clean Swimming in a Dirty River : Discovery News


No matter how hot it is outside, most people wouldn’t venture to swim in any of New York’s rivers — and for good reason. But with the ever-increasing list of things that may be lurking in the waters and harmful to our health, it’s time somebody gave us a break. That’s the gift architect Dong-Ping Wong and designers Archie Lee and Jeffery Franklin want to give New York City.


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The trio has designed a pool called +Pool (‘Plus Pool’), which they hope will float in the Hudson River (and/or East or Bronx Rivers) by 2012. The floating pool, which is shaped like a ‘+’ sign, would get its water from the river, but only after it passed through permeable walls that subjected it to three levels of filtration.

The first level is designed to block large contaminants such as debris, fish and sediments. The second layer is more concerned with small particles that make it past the first layer like algae and suspended particles. Finally a third filter is responsible for killing bacteria and viruses that are contained in the water.

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The design calls for quite a large pool at 9,000 square feet, which the designers think can be divided into a children’s pool, a lap pool, a sports pool and a lounge pool. Wong, Lee and Jeffery are currently looking for extra funding to make the project a reality. With any luck, New Yorkers might get a chance to cool off close to home.

Credit: Plus Pool

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