First Ever Live-Tweeted Surgery Was A Success On All Counts

The decision to live-tweet a knee surgery wasn’t one that Ohio State University Medical Center took lightly. They debated it, initially leaning towards scrapping the idea. But when they found a minimally invasive procedure and a patient willing to be part of the process, they decided to take the plunge and live-tweet the first ever surgery on Twitter.

As Health Care Communications reports, Ryan Squire, the social media director for the medical center, explains how the idea got the green light:

“We knew this kind of minimally invasive procedure could change’s a person’s life,” Squire says. “The other option would be a total knee replacement. We decided to tweet it, because we thought we could educate referring physicians and patients about it.”

Once the team was on board, it was a matter of deciding how (and what) to tweet. They began planning for the June surgery back in April, and social media took center stage.

Continues here:

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