Conversation Agent: The Five Rs of 21st Century Content Curation

Five-easy-pieces Why do I constantly update my Google Reader RSS feeds? Adding categories, fine tuning reading lists, then upsetting them all over again when I stumble upon several great sites.

That’s because I rely on information discovery to push my own thinking.

The more I broaden and diversify my reading, chasing tangents, listening to, and verifying opposing views, the sharper my ability to see and make sense of trends.

Saying we have filter failure is not capturing the depth of the challenges we face.

Defining the problem

Real time streams and social graphs are training people to react. I see the transformation also in blog comments. It is tempting to use the seagull move — who has the time, right?

Reacting to information is the exact opposite of critical thinking

It will not help you or your business understand why a trend may be emerging, what it means to you, and how to reorganize your thinking about it. As more people and organizations become publishers, the merits of curating information as content strategy go up.

Curation, as in making sense, also has a prominent role in how organizations develop and transmit news. However, not all curation activities are created equal.

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