AfDB and AidData launch interactive aid map

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AfDB and AidData launch interactive aid map


Published: 17/06/2011

ADB and AidData launch interactive map

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched an interactive map detailing the exact locations of its projects in several countries. Development Loop, a partnership between the AfDB and AidData, maps projects in Cameroon, Morocco and Tanzania. These geocoded AfDB activities, which represent a subset of nearly 2,040 activities from the Bank, cover school builds, health clinics and roads, amongst others.

The value of this new project is that is makes the Bank’s work more transparent, enabling people to see where their projects are based and decreasing the chance of overlap.

Simon Mizrahi, manager of AfDB’s Results and Quality Assurance Department says:

The map makes it easy to see where the Bank is working, not just in which countries, but in which regions or towns. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to efficiently translate information which existed primarily in long documents into a simple visual tool for decision makers and the public at large to quickly understand what we do, and where. This is a critical step toward being able to ask the right questions about whether aid is going to the right places and what impact it has.

It will also help the AfDB to evaluate their current programmes and plan for future ones. What’s more, it enables citizens and other aid agencies to better understand where aid is going, whilst also allowing feedback from those affected by projects.

For more information about the maps and to find out how they were created visit Development Gateway’s website.

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