Great White Sharks Apparently Enjoy Songs by AC/DC : TreeHugger

great white shark smiling photo Photo: hermanusbackpackers / cc

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the best way to lure great white sharks is to bait the water with chum, but one Australian ocean tour operator says he’s found something that works even better: hard rock. It’s been known for a while now that some music has the power to repel sharks, though evidently particular tunes can have the opposite effect — specifically hits from the band AC/DC. While it may seem a bit far-fetched that the ocean predators would have a soft spot for hit-making Aussie rockers, the logic is actually, well, sound.

According to a report from Adelaide Now, shark tour operator Matt Waller discovered the fish-friendlier alternative to chum, saying music is even more effective at luring great white sharks than ground-up fish. He consulted shark experts and found that the animals are most attracted to sounds within a specific frequency — and one band seems to strike the right chord.

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