Spotted Blog | Spot & Give: World Food Programme

Everyone knows we eat pretty well and are fortunate for the fact that we can, but that doesn’t mean we forget there’s hunger in the world. To that end, we’re excited to team up with World Food Programme in their social media initiative, WeFeedback, the world’s largest community for sharing food and changing lives in the fight against hunger.

We had such a great experience with the Holiday Spotathon that we’re excited to get the help of our community in another initiative to give back. According to WeFeedback, the cost of your typical burger can feed 40 kids, so our goal is to feed 10,000 by working together. Starting today, uploading a sighting might mean that you’ll see a little prompt inviting you to join us in reaching our goal. Take a look and if you’re so inclined, donate a few dollars to help us get there.

Visit our WeFeedback donation page directly, in case you were interested in giving but haven’t gone out to eat in a while – because we know very well sometimes that happens 🙂

Team Foodspotting signing out and, as always, wishing you happy spottings!

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