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Distractions are the Achilles heel of a creative person, or anyone for that matter, but I watch creative folks (myself included) struggle with this in an amplified way. At this moment, I have dozens. Sissy is looking so cute and wants to be pet, the phone is ringing, skype calls coming in, text messages on phone, emails pinging, tweets tweeting, *ironically* birds are chirping, Mom is on Facebook asking me questions, garbage man is in our neighborhood, music is on, neighbors are having a loud conversation, clock is ticking….well, you get the picture.

Distraction is described as: when your attention is divided.

It might be that you are unable to pay attention, not really even interested in the object of attention; or something else is just plan more attractive. Distractions come from both inside as much as outside. I read that multitasking is also considered a distraction. Distraction is also a  major factor in procrastination, though it is possible to be diligent and concentrate on what is valuable.

Seems like there is never enough time or that there is “too much information”.

It’s difficult to decide where to start. We get lost in “Analysis Paralysis” and rather than make a decision we over think everything or throw our hands up in the air and/or pass the buck to the nearest person without any plan at all, and/or we start, and then stop again.  Worse than doing nothing is inconsistency.

Just like when I was working in a “Corporate Radio” structure I try to organize my work day with the following questions:

What’s making me money?
What will make me money?
What could make me money?
What’s never going make me money?

(Don’t get me wrong, I am not a “show me the money” kind of person but as a person, completely self-supporting through my own efforts, I am hyper aware of finances.)

Personally I live have another set of priorities:
God, Family, Friends, Home chores, Music, Charity and FUN stuff. (Golf or driving range when I can.)

Somewhere in between.

Due to my creative nature I HAVE to stay plugged into passion projects *these give me fire in my belly* and most seem to eventually make money for someone of some charity.

NEVER undervalue the act of promoting others or the things you do that don’t make money, but contribute to making others happy and being of service.

And then there is always growing your relationships with people in your industry, reading up on your industry, maintaining personal relationships, attracting future business partners, clients and having fun. (YES–let yourself have as much fun as you can, or at least take time to “stop and smell the roses!”)

Write it down

There is much power, for me, in the act of putting “pen to paper”. My routine has become, wake up, meditate, coffee, spend time with Sissy and while my brain is clear, I write down everything I want to get done that day. I love how at the end of day I am able to look at that piece of paper and see all the tasks crossed off. It is a great feeling of accomplishment, and when my head hits the pillow, I sleep peacefully!

What’s distracting you and how are you dealing with it? Are there some tips, articles ideas you feel comfortable sharing?

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